Monday, June 15, 2009

Proposition 8

In my Opinion

Although Proposition 8 isn't in the news, Gay Marriage is still a hot topic on some emailing lists. So, I offer my opinion why I don't support Gay Marriage, but I support civil unions; if anything. The thing to understand about Proposition 8 is that it wouldn't be needed; or this whole thing about Gay Marriage wouldn't have been needed to be pursued.

Quite simply, if everyone sought the Truth about the matter, this "thing" would be settled. If everyone understood the Truth, then Proposition 8 would never needed to pass or to be hotly debated in any State. The Truth is there to set us free. Healing comes from seeking after, and understanding the Truth.

Now some truths are sharp, others are hidden, and hard to find. But those who seek after the Truth upon this matter will ultimately prevail. Without knowledge and understanding of the Truth about this matter, you will have bickering and controversy as each side is trying to one up the other. Once the Truth is known by all sides, healing can begin. And once Truth is known by all sides, all sides can proceed confidently and triumphantly through the light.

I truly support marriage for everyone and anyone. Marriage is a right given to Men and Women by God in order for men and women to fulfill their destinies and become what they should become. It is the right for anyone to get married to whom they desire. Whether it is a monogamous marriage between a man and a woman, a man and a man, a woman and a woman, or a polygamous and polyandrous relationship.

However, I support Proposition 8 for one reason. Giving legal status for gays and lesbians to marry under the pretext of "Gay Rights" would mean giving legal protection to a group that does not need it. A person's sexuality does not mean he or she is of a different race: i.e. have a different skin color or eye set. A person's sexuality is based on the choices he or she made while living Life. Supporting Gay Marriage as people understand marriage now would mean supporting a bizarre, warped view of marriage.

Also, if this avenue is opened up, what about polygamy and the right for those who wish to pursue polygamy? Isn't it their right to be polygamous or polyamorous? Shouldn't they have the right to marry more than one person? Most people don't support polygamy. In fact, it's the one marriage contract that is still outlawed in the US.

I support Proposition 8, simply because I know that not to do so is supporting a move for the GLBT community to force the Christian churches to marry them. The Christian churches must be able to reserve the right to marry whom they please. So, I support civil unions in this way since it is a good compromise given the current knowledge of the Truth of marriage.

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